Policy Position

Crime & Corruption

Our political party recognizes that corruption poses a serious threat to the integrity of our government institutions, erodes public trust, and hinders socioeconomic progress. We are committed to implementing comprehensive measures to combat corruption at all levels of society and restore transparency, accountability, and ethical governance.

a. Strengthen law enforcement: We will invest in training and equipping law enforcement agencies to effectively combat crime and maintain law and order.

b. Community policing: We will promote community engagement in crime prevention through initiatives such as neighborhood watch programs, community policing forums, and public awareness campaigns.

c. Rehabilitation and reintegration: We will prioritize the rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders into society, ensuring that they have access to education, job training, and support systems to prevent recidivism.

d. Ethical Public Procurement: We will implement strict guidelines for public procurement processes to prevent favoritism, nepotism, and kickbacks. Bidding processes will be transparent, competitive, and based on merit.

e. E-Governance and Digital Solutions: We will invest in e-governance and digital solutions to reduce human intervention in administrative processes. This reduces the potential for bribery and corruption in public service delivery.

f. Civic Education and Awareness: We will promote civic education and raise awareness about the detrimental effects of corruption on society. Citizens will be educated about their rights and responsibilities in fighting corruption.

g. Independent Anti-Corruption Agency: We advocate for the establishment of an independent anti-corruption agency with the authority to investigate, prosecute, and prevent corruption across all sectors. This agency will have the resources, autonomy, and mandate to tackle corruption without fear or favor.

h. Strengthening Legal Frameworks: We will review and strengthen anti-corruption laws, ensuring that they are comprehensive, effective, and appropriately enforced. This includes enhancing penalties for corrupt practices and streamlining the legal process to expedite corruption cases.

i. Whistleblower Protection: We will enact robust whistleblower protection laws to encourage individuals to come forward with information on corrupt activities. Whistleblowers will be safeguarded against retaliation and provided with the necessary support to ensure their safety.